The Flags

The Flags

This weekend, as you take in the various races, practices and qualifying sessions, you will likely see a number of flags being displayed. The flags are used not only by the official starter, but also by the many track marshals around the circuit to convey important information to the drivers. By refering to the flags provided on this page, you will be able to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the events taking place on the track.

Red Flag

Red Flag: Stop

Signals that the track is not safe to proceed at any speed.

White Flag

White Flag: Last Lap

Signals that one lap remains in a race or qualifying attempt.

The Flags

Black with White Cross Flag: Disqualification

Signals that the driver has been disqualified.

Blue with Orange Stripe Flag

Blue with Orange Stripe Flag: Passing

Signals a driver that a faster car is attempting to pass.

Yellow Flag

Yellow Flag: Caution

Signals that the track is not safe for racing speeds.

Yellow with Two Orange Stripes Flag

Yellow with Two Orange Stripes Flag: Surface

Signals that oil, water or some other substance has made the track surface slippery.

Green Flag

Green Flag: Start

Signals the start of a race, practice session or qualifying attempt.

Black Flag

Black Flag: Consultation

Signals that the driver should proceed immediately to the pit area for consultation with officials.

Checkered Flag

Checkered Flag: Finish

Signals the end of a race, practice session or qualifying attempt.


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